10 Great Gift Ideas For Blind And Visually Impaired Folks

It's alwaDomino setys hard to figure out what someone wants or needs as a gift.  It's even harder when that person is blind or visually impaired.  So, here are ten great gift-giving ideas!
  1. Domino Set, $13
  2. Pocket Money Brailler, $7
  3. Portrait of My Father Audio Book, $25
  4. Soft Down Comforter or Fleece Throw, $ varies
  5. Voice Command Alarm Clock, $70
  6. Talking Ornament, $25
  7. Handheld Braille Labeler, $25
  8. Women’s Mesh Band Braille Watch, $50
  9. Men’s Gold Braille Talking Watch, $90
  10. Regulation Soccer Ball, $15
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