Photo shows a keyboard, one type of low vision devices

Low Vision Devices Assistive Technology (AT)

Why Assistive Technology is so important

Until recently individuals with vision loss were left out of the many jobs and activities that required sight. But now you only have to read a few entries in our blog to see how, instead of being left out, there’s now a range of technologies developed specifically for individuals with vision loss. Assistive Technology can help individuals with:
  • No vision
  • Low vision
  • Changing vision

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology refers to equipment that allows people with disabilities to increase or maintain their functional capabilities. Specific products and devices enable people to perform functional tasks and activities of daily living. Assistive Technology for the visually impaired includes: (Be sure to visit our store (LINK) to purchase any of these technologies!)
  • Magnification Devices
Optical handheld magnifiers, portable electronic magnifiers, desktop magnifiers
  • Blindness Products
Optical Character Recognition (OCR): scanners, portable and stationary reading devices with speed output, with and without video magnifications, refreshable braille displays
  • Computers
Accessible software and large print keyboards with enhanced contrast
  • Navigation Devices
Mobility canes and talking GPS products
  • Smart Phones & Tablets
Accessibility for those with vision loss
  • Wearables
Goggles worn to digitally enhance usable vision or glasses with a camera connected to an agent that is able to provide guidance, read text and more
  • Independent Living Aids
Products for managing activities of daily living such as talking watches, large print calendars, kitchen aids, talking scales, talking thermometers, talking calculators, bold-lined paper, voice recorders, fit-over sunglasses, gooseneck lamps and daylight bulbs

How to select the right Assistive Technology for you

At SDCB, our trained staff can work with you individually to determine exactly what you need  based on your goals, objectives and abilities.

Assistive Technology assessments include:
  • One-on-one personalized assessment of what you need
  • Hands-on experience with a variety of products and devices to achieve your goals
  • Product recommendations for home, work, school, or recreational activities
  • Basic training and product information
  • The opportunity to purchase products and devices from our store
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