Vision Impairment Education, Outreach & Advocacy

Taking notes during vision impairment education sessionWhy education about vision impairment is important

We believe that it has always been important to educate the public on vision impairment because education leads to acceptance. The public may not realize that vision loss or blindness can result in stress, loss of self-esteem, depression and other serious emotional challenges as individuals face loss of occupation, mobility and access. Thus, we want the BVI (Blind and Vision Impaired) community to feel accepted, comfortable and understood whether they are at home, work or out in public.

But the need for education is growing as life expectancy increases and as baby boomers age. In fact, nearly 80% of BVI Individuals in the U.S. are 55 or older. Loss of vision directly correlates to age. Read more about Types and Causes of Vision Impairment.

Additionally, it is important to note that we work with a range of individuals, including individuals with:
  • No vision
  • Low vision
  • Changing vision

Advocacy in our community

While SDCB is not specifically an advocacy organization, we ARE very involved in advocacy in our community. We are active in city and county groups that deal with both disabilities and accessibility.

Education and outreach: how we serve you and our community

We are also committed to serving and educating San Diego and the surrounding communities (and, where possible, nationwide as well!) with various outreach services. These services are designed to teach, train, consult and/or facilitate interaction between BVI individuals and the community.

Here are just a few examples of the work we do:
  • Lectures: Information and educational lectures for schools and community organizations
  • Assessments: Free Assistive Technology Assessments for BVI Individuals and/or their families
  • Facility assessments: Assessments can be arranged for businesses and other organizations interested in becoming more accessible to the vision impaired community by helping to make their facility more “vision-impaired friendly”. Types of facilities that we might assess include educational, assisted living facilities, office, social and/or recreation facilities, and others that are seeking to accommodate BVI Individuals.
  • Outreach: Participation in health fairs, community events, assisted living programs and other events publicizing our work to social workers, health care workers and vision related medical professionals
  • Connections: Connecting BVI Individuals with other resources and services in the community
  • Business connections: Outreach to local employers and employment services to encourage employing BVI Individuals

For more information about our Education and Outreach Services for community organizations

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