Medical professionals, such as the doctor in this photo, can make Eye Care Professional Referrals to SDCB

Eye Care Professional Referrals

For Medical and other Health Care Professionals

When medical approaches and prescriptive eyewear can longer assist your patients to reach their vision goals, SDCB is here to provide the much needed services to help them to become as independent as possible.

If you are a medical professional looking for additional options for your patients, please contact us.

How to contact SDCB to make a referral

You have four options:
  1. Complete the form below. Be sure to print a copy for your patient.
  2. Contact us in San Diego (1.619.583.1542) or in Vista (1.760.758.5956)
  3. Contact our Low Vision Clinic (1.619.255.9741)
  4. Contact us at

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Low Vision Clinic Referral
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Please also fax the most recent examination note
and visual field report, if available, to 619.286.3038

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