I am losing sight. Photo of person that needed to know what do to when vision starting changing. Now he walks down the street with the help of a cane.

I Am Losing Sight - First Steps After Loss or Change of Vision

How SDCB can help after diagnosis

The San Diego Center for the Blind is fully equipped to provide the services and support you need after a vision loss diagnosis. Specifically, we offer a comprehensive and specialized rehabilitation program designed to help you adjust to your vision loss with the goal being to enable you to return to an independent lifestyle in your community.

We offer many resources here at the Center, including our assistive technology store, our blog, the Guide to Living Independently, and a range of training and counseling services. We’re here to help and support your new journey!

Resources to help after vision loss

The San Diego Center for the Blind is your partner in finding helpful resources. In particular, after vision loss, you’ll likely be looking for information on how to continue living a full and independent life.

The American Foundation for the Blind has a free, comprehensive resource that we recommend that provides basic information “about adjusting to vision loss, including tips for adapting your home and daily living. Adults who are losing their sight, their families, caregivers, healthcare providers, and social service professionals will all find rich content and practical tips on living with vision loss.” Find the resource at AFB.

Contact our Low Vision Clinic
Contact Our Low Vision Services

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Visit Our Store or Shop Online Store

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