A woman in counseling gets advice on adjusting to vision loss

Adjustment To Vision Loss Counseling

You need our counseling services … here’s why

No matter your background, age or gender, vision change and/or loss is frightening (for both you AND your loved ones). This is because not only do you experience physical change, but you also experience emotional change.

We have had clients that have waited weeks, months, or even years to seek help, only to say after visiting our Center, “I wasted so much time thinking I couldn’t when, now I know, I could”.

Thus, our counseling is designed to help in the following areas:
  • Personal Adjustment: Physical and emotional
  • Activity Adjustment: Work, education and recreation
  • Relationship Adjustment: Family, co-workers, friends, etc.

Our professional staff is there for you … and your family!

It is important to remember that counseling is important not only for the individual with the vision impairment, but for the family. Together, families need to adjust and be optimistic about the future. That is why we provide individual, group and family counseling.

Our dedicated, professional staff includes Clinical Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Rehabilitation Counselors. Not only are they qualified, but because over half of our professional staff is blind or vision impaired, we understand the challenges faced.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available for those experiencing major adjustment challenges to vision loss or for those not yet comfortable in a group setting. In short, this counseling is available if someone needs more concentrated time with therapists or is more individualized in their needs.

Group Counseling

A very important component of our rehab program is group counseling. Students are able to share experiences and compare problem solving skills and solutions to daily obstacles. Through shared experiences and open discussion, students help each other through the tough times and, along the way, make lifelong friendships.

These small group sessions cover a wide range of topics including dealing with anger and frustration, how to communicate with others, how to maintain a positive outlook towards life, and more. Group counseling also provides transition support, which is designed to help individuals utilize newly learned skills and techniques in a real life setting while making a personal transition back into their communities.

Family Counseling

For the individual with no vision or changing vision to be successful in their adjustment to vision loss, the support of their family, friends and coworkers is critical. Counseling for others helps them adjust to the vision loss and provides support on assisting the individual who is blind reach their goals for living as independently as possible.

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