Loss of Vision Fear and Emotions

Emotions after vision loss or changeThe man in this photo is experiencing fear and emotions after loss of vision

As important as it is to find services and make adjustments to lighting, cleaning and decorating in your home, you also need to adjust to your feeling and emotions. Adjustment to losing your vision is not a small or simple thing. Vision loss is not only something that affects you physically, but the emotional and psychological aspects can be far reaching.


First and foremost, being scared is normal.

Have you lost full or partial eyesight? Are you experiencing feelings like hopelessness, stress and sadness? These are all normal emotions.

Blindness is often an overwhelming personal catastrophe. Typically with the loss of sight, individuals experience other loss as well … loss of occupation, mobility, and self-esteem. Those losses have profound consequences not only for the vision impaired person, but for the family and society as well.

To help individuals and their families learn how to live with visual impairment, as well as cope with the resulting psychological stress, our counselors are ready to help navigate and adjust to this new world.

Steps to take emotionally

Don’t let your diagnosis be an excuse to hold you back. There are many avenues of support and guidance available to you, all designed to help you gain your independence. We’re here to help you find the right path!

We provide:
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Peer networks
  • Support groups
  • Literature

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