5 Best Technologies For The Visually Impaired

Technology word graphicThe 2.2 billion visually impaired people in the world can benefit immeasurably from each of these five amazing technologies:
  1. Audio Navigation Systems: Smart Canes For The Legally Blind: Smart canes, in conjunction with a smartphone app, guide the user, provide directions, identify and warn of obstacles, and describe places and objects,.
  2. VR Low Vision E-glasses: Virtual reality glasses, goggles, or headsets - even gloves or bodysuits - provide low vision users with an enhanced and magnified picture of their surroundings,
  3. AR Low Vision E-glasses: Augmented reality glasses go to the next level by combining the user's real surroundings with generated perceptual information related to it, in a panoramic view.
  4. AI Tech: Applications For The Blind And Visually Impaired: Artificial intelligence (AI) technology enable low vision users to read, analyze pictures, navigate, and live independently.  For example, they use facial recognition to identify faces in real life, videos, or photos.
  5. IoT: Building A Smart Home For The Visually Impaired: The Internet of Things (IoT) permits visually impaired users to interact with and control numerous items in their home, car, and elsewhere.  They can operate lights, kitchen appliances, locks, and more with voice commands and other types of prompts.

Top 5 Assistive Technologies for the Well-being of the Blind and Visually Impaired

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