6 Great Products For Cooking As A Blind Person

Pot on stovetopBlind and visually impaired people eat.  All of them!  And many of them cook.  Or want to.  But they want to do it safely, neatly, and effectively.  Given the dangers of heat, sharp objects, and spillage in a kitchen, it's no wonder that blind people can be somewhat reticent to venture into cooking on their own.

Here are six products that can make cooking easier and safe:
  1. Talking induction cooker:  This stovetop lets you verbally hear its temperature and other settings.  Since it works by induction, it has much less risk of burns.  It turns off immediately when a pan is removed.
  2. Cut-resistant safety gloves:  Makes cutting food much safer.
  3. Talking thermometer and kitchen scales:  They speak their readings aloud.
  4. Liquid level indicator:  This electronic device hangs over the edge of your glass or bowl.
  5. Pot minder:  A ceramic disc which rattles in your saucepan pot when it reaches a boil.
  6. Braille/tactile vessels and utensils:  Measuring cups and spoons which feature braille or tactile markings.

6 tools that belong in every blind person’s kitchen

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