8 Great Tips For Blind People Who Cook

Cooking ingredientsIf you are blind or visually impaired, here are 8 hints to make cooking enjoyable, safe, and yummy:
  1. Organize your kitchen so you know exactly what goes where.
  2. Label foods with braille or large fonts.  Use tactile differentiators such as rubber bands.
  3. Use a tray to prep foods you are cooking -- ingredients and equipment on the left, things that have already been used on the right.
  4. Use nested measuring cups and spoons.
  5. Move dry ingredients into rigid, labeled plastic or glass containers.
  6. Have a wet towel available to clean fingers, countertops, and other messes.
  7. Be careful around boiling water, including adding ingredients to water before it boils.
  8. Try new things.  Use your imagination.
Eight cooking tips for people who are visually impaired

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