A Beginner's Guide to Assistive Technology For the Blind and Visually Impaired

Service dogIf you or your loved one are newly blind or visually impaired, you may find navigating the landscape of products to assist somewhat daunting.  If you need a 101 Primer on what types of devices to consider, you've come to the right place!

Most people are aware of service dogs (OK, not exactly a technology device!) and white canes. But you might not be aware of the new "smart canes" available.  See our blog post below with more on smart canes.

Screen readers are an essential device.  They basically read a web page, document, or other computer screen contents aloud, usually from top left to bottom right.  The most popular is JAWS.  Of course, there are limitations.  For example, screen readers can't read text that's embedded within an image -- unless that text is incorporated into the image tag.  Ditto with the images themselves.

Blind/Visual Impairment: Common Assistive Technologies

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