Accessible Art Must be Felt 

Oil paints in orange pink and purple up close, the texture would be felt as Accessible ArtPaintings hanging in museums have long been "no touch" zones. There have been multiple efforts to recreate paintings for people who are visually impaired to experience.

Now, a new method uses optical coherence tomography (OCT) to recreate large portions of a painting in such a detailed manner that even the individual brush strokes are recreated. 

Because OCT was originally created for medical research, it is typically used for very small areas. The team recreating artworks has put together a method for scanning larger areas that is time consuming, but will have great application for museums who want to create more inclusive spaces.

If you require help with vision impairment or blindness, please contact SDCB. 

New Art Scanning Method Offers 3-D Image of Painting's Brush Strokes

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