Accessible Pharmacy Services for Blind People

Picture Of Prescription Bottle Sitting On A SmartphoneAccessible Pharmacy Services is not like your average pharmacy. The company does not accept walk-ins or cater to your average person, in fact, its patient base does not include sighted people altogether. Accessible Pharmacy's mission is to make medication management easier for those living with blindness.

The company delivers medication with labels that convert text to speech. Accessible Pharmacy Services for blind people provides an array of products and assistance "so that the blind can identify their medications privately and independently." What's more, customers receive free home delivery for prescriptions, medical devices, and over-the-counter medications.

"We decided to create a company where accessibility and reduction of barriers would be our primary focus with an incredibly welcoming sense of hospitality," said Alex Cohen, 45, company co-founder and professor of marketing at West Chester University outside of Philadelphia.

San Diego Center for the Blind offers many programs and services; please contact us to learn more.

"Specialty Pharmacies Cater to the Blind and Those With Impaired Vision"

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