Amazing Navigation and Accessibility Devices #3

BlindSquareBlindSquare is an incredible app for blind and visually impaired users. It works in conjunction with 3rd party navigation apps, BlindSquare has voice functionality which articulates points of interest, intersections, and more, both indoors and outdoors.

Here are some of BlindSquare's key features:
  1. After determining your location, BlindSquare gathers information about your surroundings on Foursquare and OpenStreetMap.
  2. Algorithms determine what information is most useful to you such as popular restaurants, stores, public transportation spots, and more.
  3. Users can shake their phone to hear their current address and details about the nearest intersections and venues.
  4. BlindSquare tracks the user's destination and periodically announces the distance and direction.
  5. Users can put a pin in their location so they can easily find their way back..
  6. Filters can be applied to provide only needed information to prevent the user from being overwhelmed by details on their surroundings.
  7. Users can denote their saved places and Foursquare venues as Favorites and BlindSquare will always notify the user once they have arrived.
  8. Favorites will be saved in iCloud and synced to all iOS devices for device consistency.
  9. BlindSquare uses Acapela voices in English plus lots of other languages to announce information about the user's environment even when their phone is tucked away for a hands-free experience.

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