Amoeba Causes Permanent Vision Loss
vision lossAcanthamoeba keratitis is a condition that seems like the stuff of science-fiction. However, it's a real-life condition caused by an amoeba. The microbial is commonly found in water, and it can make its way into a person's cornea. People who wear contacts in water, please be advised that you could be putting your eyes at risk. Acanthamoeba keratitis is a rare eye infection which can cause permanent vision loss.

"It's a difficult infection to treat, and it's usually aggressive," said Dr. Shilpa Register, an optometrist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He adds that it can "cause blindness pretty quickly if it's not treated immediately."

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"Woman Gets Eye Infection that Can Cause Blindness from Swimming and Showering with Her Contact Lenses"

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