Apple AirTags Could Help Blind People

Picture Of Apple AirTagsEveryone misplaces their belongings from time to time. Apple has created a product that could help all of us keep track of things that are easily misplaced. Devices known as AirTags are Bluetooth trackers. Using your iPhone, you can easily track down a lost item. What's more, Apple AirTags could help blind people. In conjunction with the iPhone's VoiceOver accessibility features, AirTags could help blind people keep track of important objects.

"Misplacing items such as your white cane or Braille Display can leave you vulnerable and exposed," says David Goodwin of AppleVis, a website specializing in showing how Apple products can help blind people and those with low vision. "Being able to quickly locate them with a few taps on your iPhone should quite simply be a game-changer."

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“How Apple's AirTags could be extra useful for blind people”

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