Assistive Technology For Blind Musicians

A director holds a baton to direct an orchestraKyungho Jeon has always loved music. As a child, his teachers warned that he wouldn't be able to join an orchestra because he wouldn't be able to see the conductor's movement and directions. Kyungho is blind. 

But he loved music too much to give up. He became an accomplished marimba soloist, but still couldn't join an orchestra. 

To overcome this obstacle, Kyungho joined with Human Instruments to design a haptic baton that would allow blind and visually impaired musicians to follow the movement of the conductor while not changing anything that the rest of the orchestra or conductor normally do. 

San Diego Center for the Blind has a long history of helping people regain their independence. Please contact SDCB to learn more about our programs and services.

A blind musician can feel a conductor's movement, thanks to a high-tech baton

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