Association for Blind Athletes

Picture Of Someone Playing Beep Baseball​​The Wichita Association for Blind Athletes helps visually impaired residents get socially and recreationally involved in their community. Co-founded by Ira Mills, WABA has found numerous ways to do that, including creating a beep baseball team, the only team of its kind in Kansas. Beep baseball involves all players, except the pitchers and catchers, being blindfolded and identifying the ball by its chirping sound. Mills has been coaching the Wichita Falcons for the last four years. This year is the second time the Falcons The Wichita Falcons are competing in their second National Beep Baseball Association World Series.

"We're still rookies in this thing and I'm expecting a lot of competition," Mills said. "A lot of these guys have been around a lot longer, put in a lot more practice, have a lot more players on their roster and they can really hit the ball. It's going to be a very high-speed game."

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"Playing and loving it: Wichita beep baseball team offers social connection for visually impaired"

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