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Being Blind Does Not Hold Back Kathy Martinez
blindWhen Kathy Martinez began her career, a counselor at the California Department of Rehabilitation said that Martinez would probably never make it further than working at a lock factory. Why would someone rain on the parade of young women with aspirations? It might have to do with the fact that Kathy is blind. The counselor couldn’t have been farther from the mark! It may have taken her 13 years to finish college, but since that time Martinez has worked with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, served under two administrations, and led Wells Fargo’s Disability and Accessibility strategy.

“My counselor at the California Department of Rehabilitation had minimal expectations for people with disabilities and tended to offer low-levels jobs with no hope for growth,” explains Martinez. “Although his expectations for me were low, I had people in my life who knew I could do more, and were behind me every step of the way while I pursued my degree.”

If you need assistance due to vision loss, please contact SDCB.

This Latina Is Using Her Own Experience With Blindness To Bring About Change In The Workforce

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