Blind CIA Analysts Navigated Through Life With Guide Dogs

Picture Of Joanne CallahanJoanne Callahan was born congenitally blind, with a severely damaged optic nerve. Despite vision loss, Callahan earned a bachelor's degree at Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude. She also earned master's degrees at Stanford University. A 33-career with the CIA followed. How was she able to accomplish it all. Beyond being brilliant, the blind CIA analyst navigated through life with guide dogs. The same will be true in retirement; her eighth guide dog is named Magnum.

"Having a guide dog, you can move so much more quickly," Callahan said. "And you have someone who has skin in the game with you, as it were. They don't want to get hit by a car. They don't want to have anything bad happen to them."

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"Former CIA analyst shares adventures with guide dogs over 33-year career"

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