Blind Man Arrested - For Carrying A Cane!

James Hodges with folded caneJames Hodges, 61, who is legally blind, was arrested when officers mistook his folded cane for a gun while he was walking to jury duty.

Hodges later requested access to the officers' body cams.  The footage revealed that he was crossing a street in a crosswalk when the light said not to cross.  The weather was overcast and foggy, requiring drivers to use their headlights.  One officer saw what she thought was a silver pistol with a white grip in Hodges' rear pocket.  She asked for his ID, but Hodges refused, reasoning that he was not told that he was under suspicion for any crime.  She and the other officer handcuffed Hodges, even knowing he was legally blind, and arrested him for resisting.

Both officers have been suspended without pay.

Legally blind Florida man arrested when cane is confused for a gun

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