Project Guideline App Helps Blind People Run

Picture Of Blind Runner Using Project Guideline AppThere are millions of people living with vision loss and blindness, but sadly there aren't enough guide dogs available. Guide dogs can help people living with vision loss go running. Fortunately, the new Project Guideline app helps blind people run.

While still a prototype, Project Guideline uses a smartphone camera to track a guideline on a course. The app's machine-learning algorithm detects if the runner is veering to the left or right of the guideline. Audio cues to change course are sent to the runner using bone-conducting headphones.

"If I drifted to the left of the line, the sound would get louder and more dissonant in my left ear,' said Thomas Panek, CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind. 'If I drifted to the right, the same thing would happen, but in my right ear."

If you are struggling with vision loss or blindness, please contact SDCB. We offer many programs and services that can help improve life quality.

"Google is testing an AI-powered app that helps vision-impaired people run without assistance by detecting lines on the ground and guiding users with audio cues"

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