Blind Woman Enjoys Foreign "Sight"seeing - On Safari!

Lucy Edwards on safariLucy Edwards, 27, lost her sight at age 17 due to a genetic condition.  She thought she'd never be able to travel again, especially abroad.

However, Lucy just completed a life-changing safari on a game reserve in Kenya.  She bonded with a rhino who, like her, is blind (from an attack by a fellow rhino).  She needed to leave her service dog home, but instead was accompanied by William, a safari guide with experience with blind safari-goers.

The experience began at a museum in Nairobi, Kenya's capital, where Lucy was able to re-familiarize herself with African animals by touching stuffed animals.  During the visit to the game reserve, William described in detail everything Lucy could not see.  But her other senses were heightened and used.  For example,. she' feel animal footprints and even dung.  Smelling that goes without saying!  She was able to hear some of the animals.  They even tracked a lion who, like her, was named Lucy.  They even got close enough to hear her breathe.  And they heard the lions nearby munching on their newfound prey.

The Masai warriors treated Lucy to a singing performance, which she enjoyed.

'I'm blind, but loved going on a must-see safari'

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