A Blindenstadt is a City for Blind People

Picture Of Blindenstadt Marburg GermanyLiving in any city or town can present many obstacles for the blind or visually impaired. Those living with blindness need to be vigilant to navigate through the world safely. What if there was a city that was designed to cater to the needs of blind people. Well, in fact, there is just such a place!

Marburg in Germany is a Blindenstadt. It's a city for the visually impaired. On top of being home to a ground-breaking educational institute for blind people, Marburg has adapted over the years to make life for those living with blindness as easy as possible. Some of the features that aid blind and partially sighted people include beeping traffic lights, ridges and bumps that act as tactile signals of hazards or barriers on floors and streets, and buildings that have raised maps and floor plans. City landmarks provide visitors with miniature bronze models allowing individuals the ability to feel each landmark.

"Linking together technological innovations, and the human and social factor, is hugely beneficial," says Bahaddin Batmaz, a blind software developer and accessibility trainer in Marburg. "If you're not constantly wondering how to cross the road, you're less stressed. You're not already totally overwhelmed by this stupid road, and then you're also more open for innovation, and more accepting of others."

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"The school that created a city for the blind"

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