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Challenging preconceived notions
A large truck tire lays on its side on green grass. This type of tire is sometimes used in strongman competitions.Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition was started by Gary Clarke, a man living with cerebral palsy who believes the best way to change attitudes is through action.
His attitude about life and showing that, with adaptions, anything is possible is inspiring and should cause us all to pause and reconsider what we think we can’t do. “I think some people end up believing that they can’t do things because that’s what they’ve been told.” Gary takes this notion and turns it upside down.
Read more about Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition and Gary’s role in bringing the dream to reality in this article.
If you’re struggling with the emotional aspects of vision loss, please check out this page to learn about the support that we offer.
“The best way to challenge people’s attitudes is getting out and doing things” – Gary Clarke

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