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Summer Camp for Kids With Visual Impairment
A brightly colored cartoon of a boy and girl with life jackets paddling a yellow canoe on a river. In the background are jagged mountains, trees and grass.Kids with visual impairments can enjoy summer day camps and stay-away programs. Children have the right to attend any camp, but parents may feel safer, and children may have more enjoyment at a camp that either makes special accommodations for a child who is visually impaired, or at a camp that is specifically for the visually impaired.
This article highlights a few different programs and discusses possibilities for involving children in non-specific camps. The American Federation of the Blind compiled this list of camp-style programs that are suitable for visually impaired children.
If your child has attended, and enjoyed, a summer camp not on the list, consider sharing the details in the comment section.
4 Fabulous Summer Camp Programs for Kids with Blindness
Summer/Day Camps and After-School Programs: AFB Directory of Services Listings

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