A new Children's Book on Blindness

An image from the book on blindness described in article.The majority of children, naturally, know very little about disabilities. Ignorance can lead young people to mistreat other youngsters who are living with hearing, vision loss and blindness. Author Andrew Stoner decided to take it upon himself to help kids better understand what it's like to live with blindness.

Stoner's new children's book, "Mr. Lollypop Makes A Friend," is a children's book about Mr. Flapjack Lollypop. The protagonist helps a cat named Rufus, a feline that he believes is blind and needs help. Stoner knows what it's like to live with blindness because he is blind.

"I walk around with a white cane and everyone can tell I'm blind," Stoner said. "I get all sorts of questions about my blindness and about how I go about my everyday life so I thought this was a good way to let people know what it's like."

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Children's book educates kids about blindness

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