Brain Implant That Could Restore Vision To Blind People

Drawing Of A Brain With An Implant For BlindnessA team of researchers from several universities is working on a brain implant that could restore vision to blind people. If successful, blind people could get their sight back partially.

The process works by having electrodes inserted into the visual cortex of the brain. An implant translates camera images into electrical shocks that stimulate brain cells in the visual cortex allowing blind people to discern shapes. Richard van Wezel, professor of visual neuroscience at the University of Twente and Radboud University, states:

“Implanting electrodes in the brain. That sounds pretty heavy because the skull has to be opened up first. And it basically is. But ask a neurosurgeon about this and they will say it’s not such a big deal. The visual cortex is a large area so you can put a lot of electrodes in there. One hundred at the moment. Electrical activity creates points of light that enable an image to be formed. This replaces the eyes with a camera, so to speak.”

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“Brain implant enables blind people to see again in the future”

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