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Color Blind Artist Can Hear Colors
BlindNeil Harbisson, 33, is color blind but that doesn’t prevent him from being an artist. He can compensate for his achromatopsia, or complete color-blindness, through the use of an antenna that allows him to "hear" color through vibrations in his skull. Harbisson's implant gives him the ability to "see" in UV.
“My understanding of the world has become more profound. The more you extend your senses, the more that you realize exists. If you’re in the same house for years, there’s a repetition of what you perceive there. If you add a new sense, though, the house becomes new again.”

What are your thoughts on using cybernetics to enhance a person’s senses?

How a Color-Blind Artist Became the World’s First Cyborg"
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Thank you for sharing the post. I admire him. instagram
Posted by Lena on 09/14/2018 02:59AM