Combat Vision Loss With CRISPR

Doctor Comparing Vision Of Patients Before And After CRISPR ProcedureCRISPR is a gene-editing technique allowing scientists to make precise changes in DNA. The method has shown promise for blood disorders and is being tested for several forms of cancer. Researchers believe that CRISPR can help in fighting diseases and help people suffering from rare genetic disorders.

A landmark study is underway that involves two patients living with Leber congenital amaurosis, a rare genetic disorder that destroys light-sensing cells in the retina, cursing severe vision loss. The research is novel because it's the first time scientists are using CRISPR to edit DNA still inside patients' bodies. The researchers are hopeful that they can combat vision loss with CRISPR and restore the two patients' sight.

"This is the very first time that anyone's ever actually tried to do gene-editing from inside the body," said Dr. Lisa Michaels, chief medical officer at the company sponsoring the study, Editas Medicine of Cambridge, Mass. "We're actually delivering the gene-editing apparatus to the part of the body where the disease takes place in order to correct it."

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"Blind Patients Hope Landmark Gene-Editing Experiment Will Restore Their Vision"

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