CRISPR Restores Some Vision

Picture Of A Persons EyeLeber congenital amaurosis (LCA) is a rare genetic disease that begins to rob people of their sight at birth. Over time, vision loss worsens and leads to people becoming legally blind. Thanks to the gene-editing technique known as CRISPR, LCA patients have regained some of their vision.

Data from the Casey Eye Institute at the Oregon Health & Science University and the gene-editing biotech startup Editas Medicine indicates that two patients who took part in a trial can now see better. Carlene Knight (55) says her vision has become more clear and brighter. Knight said:

"I've always loved colors. Since I was a kid, it's one of those things I could enjoy with just a small amount of vision. But now I realize how much brighter they were as a kid because I can see them a lot more brilliantly now. It's just amazing."

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"Patients with Vision Loss See Color Again After Landmark CRISPR Experiment"

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