Isolating Times for People Who Are Deafblind

A woman who is deafblind sits with another woman who is helping her during the pandemicThese are isolating times for billions of people around the globe. Stay at home orders, and social distancing recommendations are inherently lonely for anyone, but they can be especially challenging for people living with disabilities such as deafness or blindness.

Dawnelee Wright of Thunder Bay, Ontario, lives with deafblindness and has found the COVID-19 pandemic to be a real struggle. Her situation highlights the importance of assisting and supporting people living with vision loss during these troubling times. A service in her area is helping; they've sent a professionally trained guide to support and communicate with Wright.

"Let's say I want to do some cooking. She'll help me with the recipe. If I wanted to help the kids with homework she would read it to me so I could assist them," said Wright.

SDCB is dedicated to helping people living with vision loss and blindness; please contact us to learn how we can help.

Deafblind woman felt isolated because of COVID-19 pandemic

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