Exercise and Vision Loss Prevention

Woman in a kayak looking towards mountains in the distanceStaying healthy can be achieved by eating right and regular exercise. While Americans are mostly unable to get to the gym these days owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are many ways you can stay fit at home and outdoors. Adopting an exercise routine may help protect against vision loss as well.

Researchers at the University of Virginia have sought to better understand the link between exercise and vision loss prevention. Professor Bradley Gelfand studies how a little bit of exercise can protect against the number one cause of vision loss in America—macular degeneration. Ten million Americans are estimated to have macular degeneration. 

"We had two experimental groups. One group had access to exercise ad libitum, or as much as the subject wanted. And another group did not have access to an exercise wheel," said Gelfand.

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Exercise can slow or prevent macular degeneration

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