Access to Eye Care is Essential

Picture Of An Eye Test​​Sandra Block, OD, M Ed, MPH, is a professor emeritus at Illinois College of Optometry. She is also the chairperson of the Public Health Com at the World Council of Optometry. Block recently spoke at the American Academy of Optometry 2021 annual meeting in Boston. She outlines the various visual impairments affecting individuals around the world and states that access to eyecare is essential worldwide. The hope is that eye care will be available to everyone in the future and that eye health will be recognized as a global development issue. Blick concludes:

“There will be a commitment to reach 1.1 billion people who have vision problems and no access to care. Vision and eye health will be integrated in UN frameworks since it has been shown eye health impacts countries’ performance. Finally, there will be a push for countries to link eye health to other developmental programs.”

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“Reports define magnitude of vision loss, focus on access to eye care”

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