Guide Dog Etiquette (part 2)

Guide dogsHere are some hints on what to do and what not to do when you see a person with a guide dog or service dog:
  • Don't try to grab or steer the person while the dog is guiding or attempt to hold the dog's harness
  • Try not to be overprotective or overbearing when the graduate first arrives home with the new dog
  • Be patient while a new guide or service dog gets acclimated to their job and handler
  • Never give the dog table scraps
  • Don't permit anyone to tease or abuse the dog
  • Don't allow your or other pets to challenge or intimidate a guide dog
  • A guide and service dog should not jump on furniture or go in areas of a home not mutually agreed upon by the family or handler
  • Never let the dog out of the house unsupervised, and be sure that all doors and/or gates are left closed

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