How Blind People Can Easily Use ATMs

ATM card being insertedThe U.S. has over 100,000 ATMs that are accessible to the blind and visually impaired, plus many more internationally.  This is required by law - the ADA to be specific.  There are two primary ways to use the accessibility features of these ATMs:
  1. Voice:  You can listen to voice commands by using your own headphones or ones provided by the bank.  The ATM can recognize your voice commands as well.
  2. Braille or raised keys:  The buttons om the ATM have Braille and/or are raised for easy access.  For example, the #5 key is raised so the user can easily use the rest of the number keypad.
Of course, these features can be useful to sighted customers as well.

ATMs for the Visually Impaired

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