How Blind People Swim

Swimming poolAlmost everyone loves to swim.  But swimming as a blind or visually impaired person can carry an added measure of anxiety.  How do I swim straight?  How to I know when I'm reaching the end of the pool?  How do I not drown?!

Here are 6 tips on how to swim safely if you are blind or visually impaired:
  1. If you hit the lane lines (brighter colors are better), adjust your trajectory.
  2. Intentionally tap the lane lines periodically to stay swimming straight.
  3. Try to swim in a lane all to yourself.
  4. Count the number of strokes so you know when you are reaching the other side of the pool.
  5. Have a tapper - someone who uses a long, foam pole to tap you as you near the end of the pool.
  6. Use a beeping device, radio or brightly colored beach towel to alert you to the end of the pool.
How Do Blind and Visually Impaired People Go Swimming?

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