How Can The Vision Impaired Gamble in Las Vegas?

Blackjack tableIt may seem difficult or impossible for blind or visually impaired people to find ways to easily gamble in Las Vegas.  But the Mandalay Bay perhaps leads the way in accommodating the needs of the visually impaired and others with special needs.  They have:
  1. Lowered blackjack tables to be more accessible to wheelchairs.
  2. Provided dealers who will announce cards, place bets in the proper spot, and do other things to help blind players.
  3. Provided poker dealers who will whisper a player's cards to him or her, and in placing the correct number of chips for each bet.
  4. Offered a Ray Charles slot machine, which included audio cues and a Braille button deck and featured Charles singing "America the Beautiful".
What Services Do Casinos Offer Vision-Impaired Players?

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