How You Can Adapt To Vision In Only One Eye

Women with vison in one eyeIf you have monocular vision -- in only one eye -- perhaps from an injury or illness, here are some of the ways you can cope:
  • Ensure that paths around your home are kept clear
  • Periodically feel for objects, walls, etc. to get a better sense of your location
  • Turn your head frequently from side to side to get a better picture of your surroundings
  • Place colored tape at the edge of stairs
  • Use handrails when possible
  • Practice reaching for different objects to get a better idea of their distance from you
  • Turn your head from side to side to expand your field of vision
  • Walk on a straight line to improve your balance
  • Play catch with someone
  • Improve lighting in your home
  • Better organize your home and ensure everything is in its prescribed place
  • Learn to recognize the shapes and sizes of items and objects you use frequently
  • Store all meds in one place; ensure that their labels are easy to read
  • Use caulking, raised rubber, or plastic dots to mark the settings on the controls of your microwave,  stove, oven, and toaster, so you're able to determine the setting even if you're having difficulty seeing it
Coping With Living With One Eye

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