Shatter Myths and Stereotypes About Blindness

Picture Of Ingrid Barnes Sitting With Her Guide DogIngrid Barnes, 27, from Sydney, Australia, uses social media to discuss her experience with blindness. Barnes has retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition that can cause severe vision loss. Her condition has left her with about 3.5 percent field of vision in well-lit environments.

She has taken to the internet to shatter myths and stereotypes about blindness. Ms. Barnes says she deals with stereotyping quite frequently. She remarked that people often comment that she doesn't look blind.

"They have an assumption that young people, or people who dress well, who go out on their own with a guide dog, can't just be 'normal' people with low vision or blindness," said Barnes. "They think people can't look a certain way and have a disability."

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“'You don't look blind' and other stereotypes people with blindness don't want to hear”

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