New Eye Test Can Predict a Condition that Causes Blindness

Picture Of A Woman EyesArtificial intelligence has been revolutionizing the field of medicine in the last decade. Now, AI is being used for an eye test that can predict a condition that can lead to blindness. The retinal imaging device is called Detection of Apoptosis in Retinal Cells (DARC). A new study showed that DARC could identify areas of the eye showing signs of geographic atrophy. GA is a common condition that can cause reduced vision and blindness. Professor Francesca Cordeiro, Chair and Professor of Ophthalmology at Imperial College London, said: ​​

“Geographic atrophy is one of the leading causes of reduced vision, and in some cases blindness, in the developed world. It can significantly impact patients’ quality of life as tasks such as reading, driving and even recognizing familiar faces become more difficult as the disease advances. As life expectancy in developed countries continues to increase, the incidence of GA has grown. Early detection is a key defence against this disease but as symptoms develop over several years, the condition is often picked up once the disease has progressed to a more advanced stage.”

“Our study is the first to show that DARC technology can be used to predict whether a patient is at risk of developing GA. These findings will help clinicians intervene with treatments to slow down vision loss and manage the condition at an early stage. We also hope that this technology can be rolled out onto high street opticians and used as a screening test in primary care settings.”

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“AI-supported test can predict eye disease that leads to blindness”

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