People Living With Vision Loss Thrive

vision lossAs with all things, misconceptions abound about vision loss. Some stereotypes and misperceptions can lead people living with sight loss to feel unsupported; they include but are not limited to the idea that a person using a white cane or guide dog is blind. Another stereotype is the belief that people living with vision loss can't play sports; many visually impaired people are involved in sports and exercise.

While it's true that living with visual impairments can make it more challenging to do certain things, it's never beneficial to assume someone can't do something. Partially sighted people enjoy movies and television, can work, and use technology.

"I use a range of assistive technology on a daily basis, which enables me to carry out tasks just like sighted people. It enhances my independence," said Holly Tuke, of Life of a Blind Girl blog.

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"8 misconceptions about sight loss"

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