Protecting Against Vision Loss
vision lossRegular eye exams can prevent you from experiencing vision loss. During Save Your Vision Month, we would like to encourage you to prioritize your eye health. Naturally, the American Optometric Association would like you to do the same. Annual eye exams are essential!

“A lot of people view vision as very important, and would be very unhappy if they lost any part of their vision, but yet they don’t require much maintenance so therefore it doesn’t enter our thought process but it is an extremely valuable tool that we need to start taking better care of, and that is why we recommend those yearly eye exams for those things,” says Dr. Bill Holec, an Optometry Specialist. “We are always better catching things at an early stage rather than a later stage.”

Please reach out to SDCB if you require assistance with vision loss.

“March is Save Your Vision Month”

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