Risk Of Blindness App

Picture Of A  Women Getting Eyes CheckedRetinaRisk is an app that helps people determine their risk of blindness from diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy is a form of vision loss that affects over 120 million diabetics worldwide. RetinaRisk was created by healthcare entrepreneur and doctor Arna Gudmundsdottir and her team. The company, which is based in Iceland, has raised $1.8 million; the app has been downloaded by more than 800,000 people worldwide.

"It's a chronic disease, and it's so important that the patient takes responsibility on his or her own health," said Gudmundsdottir. "If you empower the patient, their destiny is in their own hands. That's where the app fits so well." 

Please contact San Diego Center for the Blind to learn more about our vision rehabilitation programs.

"Meet The Women Who Raised $1.8 Million For An App That Measures Risk Of Blindness From Diabetes"

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