SDCB Provides Help For Those Losing Their Vision

Phil PresselPhil Pressel, 85, is a longtime downtown San Diego resident who is losing his vision and needs help.  The writing was on the wall for Phil, since his mother, who lived until age 104, became legally blind herself during the last 20 years of her life.  Both Phil and his mother are used to overcoming adversity, both being Holocaust survivors.

Phil recently enrolled in San Diego Center For The Blind's Adjustment To Vision Loss Counseling.  Due to COVID restrictions, the course was offered via webinar - which made it easy for Phil and others to participate from home.

The course helped Phil to adapt to the realities of vision loss, becoming more independent in his home.  He also learned mechanisms for him and his wife to cope with the emotional toll taken by his vision loss.  Partly as a result of  SDCB's help, Phil leads a productive life - he is writing his third book, and recently swam in the Transplant Games in San Diego (Phil has had both legs amputated).

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