Should Blind People Rely on Sighted People Or Technology For Help?

Eye with vertical lineIf you are blind or visually impaired, you are probably aware of at least some of the amazing apps and technology to help you "see" what's in your environment.  Your phone has a magnifier to you can more easily read small font and see small objects.  It also has text-to-speech and reverse capabilities.

The Be My Eyes app enables you to use your phone to scan unfamiliar objects, and then have them interpreted for you by a sighted volunteer, or now, AI.  The list goes on.  These technologies help the blind and visually impaired to live a fulfilled life with the maximum amount of independence.

However, sometimes it's actually preferable to abandon those technologies and instead, accept help from your friends, family, and colleagues.  After all, they care about you, want to help you, and probably get satisfaction from doing so.  Plus, they add a human and personal touch missing from technology solutions.  And bring you and them closer together.

I Have a Choice to Make About My Blindness

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