Software Companies Consider the Blind People

Picture Of A Website EditorMore and more software companies are changing their platforms to make it easier for people with disabilities to take advantage of content and strengthen their web presence. Wix, an Israel-based software company, provides cloud-based web development services for those who do not have a background in web design. The Wix Accessibility Wizard scans a website to find potential issues for people with disabilities and impairments, such as individuals who are blind and use screen-reader technology, as well as those who are colorblind. DIY web design platforms can now make websites making more inclusive.

"People with disabilities still very frequently run into many barriers on websites including mobile applications that are critical for them to carry out the things they need to do," said Judy Brewer, director of the Web Accessibility Initiative at the World Wide Web Consortium.

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"Website Makers Tinker With Tools to Serve Blind Users"

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