Study On Color Blindness

Picture Of Colored Electrical WiresEnChroma, the creators of specialized glasses for color blindness, announced the results of a workforce survey highlighting the obstacles that tens of millions of workers with color blindness face every day. Surprisingly, nine of 10 participants in the study on color blindness stated that identifying colors plays a role in their job. What's more, 75 percent reported that color blindness slows them down at work, 65 percent have issues interpreting color-coded materials, and over 20 percent can't do tasks requiring accurate color identification.

"This study is critical for educating HR, safety and accessibility managers about color blindness and how, by implementing some simple guidelines, they can make the workplace more accessible for all employees," said Erik Ritchie, CEO of EnChroma. "Color blind people are just as successful and productive as any employee, but they can use a hand to reduce the everyday nuisances and obstacles they experience related to color in the workplace."

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"Seventy-Five Percent of Color Blind People Experience Challenges at Work, EnChroma Study Finds"

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