Teenagers Sailed 800 Miles Despite Vision Loss

Picture Of A Sailing Boat At SeaA group of teenagers from Phoenix, AZ, are the stars of a new documentary called "Ocean of Obstacles." The film is about the teens' remarkable sailing journey across the Caribbean Sea. What novel about the expedition is the fact that teenagers navigated without vision. The teenagers sailed 800 miles despite vision loss and learned a lot about themselves along the way. "Ocean of Obstacles" should be an inspiration for all, as it shows the genuinely remarkable feats blind people can accomplish.

"We all got a chance to be the ones at the wheel... any opportunity, we all got a chance to do it," said Morgan Marquis, who was just thirteen at the time of the expedition in 2018. "It showed me it doesn't matter where in life that I am. I'm always going to do whatever I want to and it's not a matter of can I do it, it's a matter of do I want to."

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"Despite vision loss, Valley teens sail across Caribbean Sea"

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