Top 10 Tips for Teaching Kids Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

LearninGirl studentg in school is hard enough, without adding the challenge of blindness or visual impairment.  Of course, the best way to teach these students varies depending on the individual needs of the child.  Nevertheless, here are 10 ways to maximize the effectivene4ss of teaching blind and visually impaired students:
  1. Always use names
  2. It’s okay to use words that reference sight
  3. Don’t gesture, always verbalize
  4. Avoid asking if a student can see something
  5. Correct seating is crucial
  6. Contrast, contrast, contrast!
  7. Follow the leader
  8. Be a confident sighted guide
  9. Safety first
  10. Examine your own beliefs

10 Tips for Teaching Blind or Visually Impaired Students

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